Monday 1 March 2010

Fresherwater tracklaying completed

A milestone (or is that a millstone?) has been reached. All the track is now laid, except for the buffer stops which will be the eagerly awaited etched SR kits. I have made a start on installing the dropper wires, and one point mechanism and servo is in place, so I have some way to go before proper testing of the track can start.

As can be seen from the non-painted track, there was a lot of curved track required (half track created in the jig, then the second rail being added using triangular gauges once glued in place). I had some shorting sleepers on these stretches which had to be sorted out in-situ and took some time to find and fix. This is one advantage Easitrac has over copper-clad.

I would like to get the wiring done by the end of March, but we have the Basingstoke exhibition using up one weekend (Highbury colliery will be there).