Tuesday 5 June 2007

08 kit building - Part 6

Having completed construction of the N Brass rolling road (plus the extension kit ready for the 9F) I turned my attention back to the 08 last Friday evening. Dave Stratton had attended a chassis construction group and has his gears and wheels all installed now, so I was lagging behind.

I was unhappy with the worm gearbox on mine, and with just the motor and worm fitted (no gears) it was very rough compared to when the motor was out of the gearbox. Flexing the gearbox did allow the motor to speed up, but I just could not make it stay like that. Eventually I realised the gearbox had folded up not square. I removed the bearing from the far end and the worm rod was naturally hard against the side of the mounting hole rather than in the middle. I took the gearbox apart at the fold lines, filed the edges square and soldered it back together square, so that the worm rod was central to the bearing mounting hole, and when the bearing was added, the motor still ran smoothly and very, very slowly.

Now I think I stand a chance of making it work with some gears in position too. However, I want to blacken the chassis first.