Sunday 8 April 2018

Another Deadline Approaches

'Freshwater' will be on show again next Saturday, 14th April 2018. It will be the first 2mmFS layout to be invited to the East Surrey N Gauge Show at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Linkfield Lane, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 1EA. As usual, I wanted to get a bit more completed after its last exhibition, and next on the list was the Newsagents stand and the signal box. The main part of these buildings were 3D printed by Shapeways, as were most of the other structures on the layout. However, for these buildings, there were no suitable etched window frames available from the usual suppliers. There has been a long delay while I plucked up courage to create my own artwork and get some etched by PPD. I was so pleased with the results that I just had to add some interior details and lighting.

Unfortunately, this last view will be almost impossible to see at an exhibition, as it faces the backscene.

The interior of the signal box used some etched parts from Severn Models, and a signalman from ModelU. The log book, mug of tea and telephone were just bits of plastic, and the telephone cord was a hair from my head. I am glad they did not have curly telephone cords back then.

So, not only is the signal cabin in a strange position, behind the buffer stops and low down so that a parked van would block the view of the tracks, but the lever frame is at right angles to the main set of windows.

Still plenty of detail to add in this area, but it was waiting for these buildings to be installed.