Saturday, 13 January 2007

08 kit building - Part 2

Last night's session was to be remembered for the things I forgot, like my glasses, and soldering iron.

First of all, I corrected the previous week's mistakes, as pointed out on the VAG. The errant frame spacer was repositioned to the top of the frames, and Dave Stratten let me have a spare motor bearing so that I could complete the gear box. Getting the worm onto the tube was tricky, but do-able. However, it seemed to close up the tube so that the motor not longer fitted into it. I therefore pushed the worm down towards the other end of the tube which the motor still fitted.

Having soldered the bearing in place, I could not fit the motor to the gearbox. Dave could fit his, but the motor would not turn when volts were applied. I therefore, unsoldered the bearing, assembled the gearbox, and then fixed the bearing where it wanted to be with a quick touch of the soldering iron. Dave did the same, and both motors whirred away happily.

Next came sorting out which gears go where. Hopefully the photo shows the correct arangement. I drill the muffs in the centre with a 1.6mm drill to aid in applying glue, and allowing air to escape. One of these holes can be seen in the photo. Most gears were a good tight push fit, but two of the small gears were rather loose. I filed a flat on the muff, and a key into the inside of the gear, and applied araldite (see the lower left gear in the photo). I also put some araldite into the worm tube and fitted it to the motor. Thankfully the motor still turns today.

The next stage is fitting stub axles, but as nobody had remembered to bring a minidrill to cut the axle steel, that will have to wait for the next session.

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