Monday, 1 March 2010

Fresherwater tracklaying completed

A milestone (or is that a millstone?) has been reached. All the track is now laid, except for the buffer stops which will be the eagerly awaited etched SR kits. I have made a start on installing the dropper wires, and one point mechanism and servo is in place, so I have some way to go before proper testing of the track can start.

As can be seen from the non-painted track, there was a lot of curved track required (half track created in the jig, then the second rail being added using triangular gauges once glued in place). I had some shorting sleepers on these stretches which had to be sorted out in-situ and took some time to find and fix. This is one advantage Easitrac has over copper-clad.

I would like to get the wiring done by the end of March, but we have the Basingstoke exhibition using up one weekend (Highbury colliery will be there).

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Jerry said...

Looking good. The curved track is well worth the extra effort making for a much more visualy attractive layout.
Messrs Morgan and Thorpe of the Basingstoke club are helping out with Highbury over the weekend and Paul and Paula Martin are coming on the sunday. There are threats of 60's, 66's and MGR hoppers - should be a fun weekend.