Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Freshwater on Freshwater at Abingdon

My Freshwater layout was at Abrail last Saturday. It has had a busy few weeks, but this is the last booked exhibition at the moment.

Today was also the first time the little Terrier has earned its keep, running nicely all day with just one minor hitch, when the coupling rod came off a crankpin, bent and threw out the quartering. It was soon fixed though. Finally, I seem to have overcome the current pickup problems, with a combination of 'Simpson Springs' on the axles, rail skates, and 'stay-alive' capacitors for the DCC decoder.

The layout also came second in the 'Best Layout' competition. I was quite chuffed, especially as the layout is obviously unfinished, and there were several fine layouts at the show.

And also some video:

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N Bastable said...

quality running well done